Tracy Powell logo.jpg

Tracy Powell is a Senior Fashion Design major at CCAD. She was born to play dress up, which now has evolved into this love of High fashion design. That paired with her love of literature and poetry has intertwined and has given her designs a whimsical nature that can be viewed as Avant Garde.

Her love of textiles, playing with the rough, soft, shiny and the dull adds symmetry to her creations. With her use of unconventional materials, working with natural fibers, proteins, cellulose fibers, using beading and embellishments, these techniques always give my designs just the right amount of flavor that it needs to give it a uniqueness that will set it apart. 

Her design style can be edgy as a double edged sword or as soft as a gentle wind. That kind of diversity gives her the ability to work in many fields and allows her the flexibility to move in unison to her mood and inspiration.