Showcasing for the first time at Fashion Week Columbus 2018 Finale Runway Show | Presented by EASTON is Alexandre Marr with the label ANANTVIR.

"The first collection of ANANTVIR has been designed to embrace the philosophies and core vision of the label itself.

The garments attempt to bridge the gap between specifically Eastern and Western menswear. Our vision is to foster cultural empathy and understanding through a clothing line that has strong roots in Indian design, but has been altered in such a way that defies cultural placement.

With traditional silk fabrics and ethnic-inspired silhouettes, modernized and made palatable across a wide demographic of consumers, this label will venture into a new aesthetic territory within the luxury menswear landscape.

In history, more often than not, the source of conflict is derived from misunderstanding. If we can make even the smallest contribution to allow people to see others for people, we will have been a success."

Photo by Jaime Aguilar of CreativeDrive Columbus

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