We're excited to have the gorgeous collection of Koudr'e by Anushka grace the runway on October 14th at the 9th Annual High Fashion Tea Runway Show!

"Since inception, Anushka has focused on reinterpreting and modernizing time-treasured classics. This break away from convention is an attempt to capture the freedom and independence we want for ourselves. Stylish statement pieces in understated hues create the collections foundation, but a peppering of crystals and pearls, classic meets contemporary shapes, detailed hand embroidery and a peppering of pearls and crystals accentuate the pieces. It’s a bold collection with tailored silhouettes, sumptuous fabrications and couture details.The brand has been expanded overseas to United States with Monica’s unique passion for indo-western fusion designs. Anushka’s and Monica’s collaboration has made the brand versatile for the western culture."

Photo of Monica & Sam by Jaime Aguilar of CreativeDrive Columbus.

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