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We are White Canvas Designs, an artistic family based team creating one of a kind, handmade exclusive designs combining jewelry with Holistic practices.

In 2017  Darsy Amaya, Heidy Amaya-Pena & Maritza Motino opened a studio at 400 West Rich in Columbus, OH and named it White Canvas Designs. 

Maritza is a Fit Technical Designer, Heidy Amaya is a  Fashion Illustrator/ Merchandizing. They both are graduates from FIT (Fashion Institute of technology) in New Yourk City. Darsy Amaya is a self taught handmade jewelry designer & holistic practitioner. 

Our collection is Called  D’ Colores. This is an easy way to introduce Color Therapy into your wardrobe for Wellbeing. This is part of our holistic workshop series “Color Your Life”. Each design will have accessories representing  elements of Mother Nature: earth; water, fire, air, and space. It is believed that Gemstones and Crystals work with the human energy field and vibrational rates to activates and balances all elements in the human body. 

Our collection is unique and will represents alchemy through symbolism on garments. Our  goal is for designs to connect internal energies with the world around us to create harmony, balance and change.